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company news about Happy Winter Solstice!

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Company News
Happy Winter Solstice!
Latest company news about Happy Winter Solstice!

Hydeb wishes all friends a happy Winter Solstice!

Winter Solstice is one of the traditional Chinese solar terms and a significant festival in the northern regions of China. On this day, the cold winter officially begins, with a sudden drop in temperature, marking the arrival of the chilly season. In this special time, eating dumplings has become a traditional custom in the northern part of China.


As the Winter Solstice approaches, the atmosphere in the company gradually becomes warm and festive. To celebrate this traditional holiday, the company decides to organize a group dumpling-making activity. This event is not only a continuation of traditional culture but also an opportunity for employees to interact, fostering team cohesion.


On the day of the event, the company's conference room is filled with various ingredients needed for making dumplings – dumpling wrappers, fillings, and seasonings are all readily available. Colleagues enthusiastically engage in the dumpling-making activity amid laughter and joy. Tasks are clearly assigned, with some rolling out the dumpling wrappers and others wrapping the fillings, filling the entire room with the rich aroma of flour and the tempting fragrance of the dumpling fillings.


During the dumpling-making process, colleagues exchange tips and experiences, sharing the traditional dumpling practices from their hometowns. While making dumplings together, everyone experiences the strong festive atmosphere and deepens their love for traditional culture. Throughout this process, employees not only learn the art of dumpling making but also strengthen their bonds, enhancing team unity.


After the activity, everyone enjoys tasting the dumplings they made with their own hands, their faces beaming with joy. This is not just a delicious dumpling feast but also a showcase of the company's care for its employees and respect for traditional culture.


Through this collective dumpling-making activity, the company has created a warm and harmonious work environment, strengthening friendships among employees. It provides a unique approach in Chin


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